Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

Surgical Oncology

Dr.ARSHAD ULLAH KHAN is a Consultant general oncology and breast oncoplastic surgeon, Heading the department of surgery in the Al Ahsa Hospital, Saudi Arabia. He is the pioneer of cancer care services in the Saudi National Hospital. He has worked as a director training program for Saudi board in the Al Ahsa Hospital, Saudi Arabia. He has vast experience for surgical oncology and breast oncoplasty surgery from King Abdul Aziz medical city Jeddah. Dr.Khan graduated from Sindh Medical College, He did basic surgical training training from Karachi and completed FCPS in Surgery from College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan.

In addition to this, he has passed FRCS in surgery from Royal College of Physician and surgeon Glasgow Uk . He did another fellowship from Royal College of Surgeon Edinburgh. On his services and dedicated work in the surgical teaching and oncology surgery work, Royal college of surgeons Edinburgh recognised him as a Member of Faculty of surgical trainer . He has fellowship from American College of Surgeons and International College of Surgeons USA.

Dr.Khan is also Certified Physician for Quality Management Improvement and participated JCI and CIBAHI accreditation in different hospitals.
He is a research director from department of surgery and author of many international and local publications. He is examiner of Saudi Board Surgery,MS program from University of Karachi and Royal College of surgeons UK. He is accredited Associate Professor in General Surgery.
Dr ARSHADULLAH KHAN has boundless experience for breast oncoplasty surgery for breast cancer.

Laparoscopic surgical resection of colon and rectal cancer. Laparoscopic gastrectomy with reconstruction for gastric cancer. Pancreatic and bile duct cancer. Liver resection for metastatic and primary liver cancers. Retroperitoneal sarcoma and thigh SARCOMA. In addition to this, He has extensive experience for general surgery procedures such as laparoscopic gall bladder, appendix all kind of hernia, emergency and trauma surgery.

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