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Emergency Care

When you come to the Emergency Care at Hospital+, we work hard to give you prompt treatment for you.

Medical Checkup

Medical clinic is initial medical care provided to a patient by a physician. You may see your primary physician.

Complete Lab Test

Our clinical laboratory professionals are proud to be the best in their professions. They are the best in their line of work.

Home Care

Focused on helping people in all stages of life get access to a range of highly trained clinicians & programs.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

    Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

    Surgical Oncology

    Dr.ARSHAD ULLAH KHAN is a Consultant general oncology and breast oncoplastic surgeon, Heading the...

  • Dr. Talha Qureshi

    Dr. Talha Qureshi

    Head And Neck Oncology

    Dr. Talha QureshiENT/Head and Neck Surgeon did his residency from Agha Khan University from...

  • Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad

    Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad

    Bariatric Surgery

    Dr. Tanvir received his MBBS from Sindh Medical College in 1993 and completed his...

Doctor Schedules

You can check your doctor’s schedule before making any appointment.

Department's Name
Doctor's Name

Our Services

We are here to help you feel better and more healthier than before.

  • Nephrologist Care

    Nephrologist Care

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  • Eye Care

    Eye Care

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  • Pediatrician Clinic

    Pediatrician Clinic

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  • Prenatal Care

    Prenatal Care

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Latest News

Latest up-to-date information from our public relation department.

  • Together we can do so much

    Together we can do so...

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  • Accredited surgical facility

    Accredited surgical facility

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  • Health checks for babies

    Health checks for babies

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