• Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

    Dr. Arshad Ullah Khan

    Surgical Oncology
    Dr.ARSHAD ULLAH KHAN is a Consultant general oncology and breast oncoplastic surgeon, Heading the...
  • Dr. Talha Qureshi

    Dr. Talha Qureshi

    Head And Neck Oncology
    Dr. Talha QureshiENT/Head and Neck Surgeon did his residency from Agha Khan University from...
  • Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad

    Dr. Tanvir Raazi Ahmad

    Bariatric Surgery
    Dr. Tanvir received his MBBS from Sindh Medical College in 1993 and completed his...
  • Dr. Furqan Hashmi

    Dr. Furqan Hashmi

    Radiation Oncology
    He completed his MBBS from Sindh Medical College Karachi in 2006 and completed his...
  • Dr. Maisam Abbas

    Dr. Maisam Abbas

    Head And Neck Oncology
    Associate Professor ENT , head and neck surgery MBBS FCPS
  • Dr.Zafar Mahmood

    Dr.Zafar Mahmood

    Head And Neck Oncology
    Head of ENT department Liaquat college of medicine and dentistry
  • Dr. Sabir Hussain

    Dr. Sabir Hussain

    Medical Oncology
    American Board of Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology Certified Dr. Sabir Hussain is a...
  • Dr Zeeshan Arshad

    Dr Zeeshan Arshad

    Urology And Urooncology
    I Received My Medical Degree From Ziauddin University In 2008, I Went On To...